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It's hot, so there must be knitting

Ahoy, there. I know it's been a while since I posted. Not that I haven't been knitting, but I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not a knit blogger. Most of what updates I have been making have been going onto Ravelry (User: alix), but that's just project notes and photos when I can get around to taking them.

However, I started writing a 'real' blog post about my evening last night, realized it was mostly knit content that most of my friends list wouldn't give a crap about and thought 'you know...I have a blog for that purpose'. So here I am. :)

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Maybe posting here will get me off my arse to photograph my recently completed socks, especially since, as far as I know, none exist out there as yet for nathaniaapple's Stained Glass Socks....
Pattern love

Bits'n'bobs & a new Bay Area LYS to patronize

Trying to keep posting here, even if the updates are short and somewhat unexciting. :)

  • In continuing to procrastinate on doing the mental gymnastics required for my father's socks, I continued steady work on the cotton crocheted placemats which are also destined for him. I zoomed my way through the third one and got a good start on the fourth one since I posted last week. I still have to go back and do two-sides of edging on #2 & #3 (and #4 when it's done), but I think that's good progress.

  • Yesterday, I finally sucked it up, quit whining, and sat down to figure out how I was going to turn the heel for the sock. Like many things in my life that I put off, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd made it out to be. :P I'm up to the gusset decreases, and it's now back to a project I can walk with.

    And then as a public service as well as personal announcement:

    With purls_beyond and chloesparkle_fd quitting their previous jobs, going into business partnership with Sandi (my favorite knitting teacher of all time to-date), and together starting up their own yarnstore, Purlescence Yarns (purlescence_rss), I will no longer be patronizing commuKNITy. I went there the first time because it was a new LYS to check out, but I stayed because of the people who worked there.

    Now that the people I stayed for are no longer there, I have no motivation to drive the 25-30 minutes it takes me to get to the store--especially since Purlescence will have the people I went to commuKNITy for *and* is a lot closer to where I live (and work. Booyah!) They open on October 14th.

    Given that UFO Night was Nathania's baby, I'm hoping they'll do something like UFO Night and/or Social Knits at Purlescence and I can attend there as I did before. So if you wanna see me and hang out? Hopefully it'll be there! :)