Tags: knit: sahara



I'm close to finishing up some projects: the Leyburn socks (my version), a small size Tulip Sweater, and I did finish the Ribby Shell (my version) I was working on, so what happens?

My camera, which I intended to take photos with this weekend, went AWOL. Missing. Gone. *Poof*.

So, they're really pretty, and maybe I'll get to post photos of them someday. Maybe this is just what I needed to get an upgrade on my ancient 4 megapixel camera.

Besides, you didn't really want to see pictures of my WIP, which are the Shaped Triangle Shawl in Fiber Fiend's Silk Laceweight in a variegated colorway called 'Mother Earth' (reds, browns, and greens) (because we all know unblocked lace looks like a pile of speghetti noodles) and Sahara in plain, unadorned cream.