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It follows me, even here...

Just a quick update as to where I'm at right now:

* Paton Carmen hat & scarf: done done done. I finished up the hat before I left, as was posted on Sunday. I worked on the scarf quite a bit on the flight on Monday, then some more the past three evening,finishing it up tonight (Wednesday).

* 'Toe the Line' merino cream socks: A new project I started while at home. I can't recall if I'd mentioned my trip to the LYS the weekend before Christmas and my trip, but I went primarily to buy large double-ended stitch holders and wooden cable needles; I also walked out with three skeins of off-white Debbie Bliss superfine 100% merino DK yarn and two skeins of Cascade Indulgence (80% superfine alpaca/20% angora) in black. These socks are the result of the former purchase, from a pattern 'Toe the Line' out of Learn to Knit Socks by Edie Eckman. It's got a kind of lacy quality to it which is pretty in a solid colored yarn. The goal? To gift a pair of socks to my mom after she told me last Christmas "I could never wear wool socks, they'd be too itchy". What she failed to tell me with that comment is that she believes she's allergic to wool. Well, I guess we'll see. This stuff is majorly soft.

* Red Scarf That Never Ends - I figured (correctly) that I'd be going to the movie theater while at home, and so I found some room for this project. Somewhere between this afternoon and watching Finding Neverland, I lost one of my needles for this. D'oh. So, I had to make due with four needles, but I got a big chunk of work done on this again.

What is not getting worked on: Xmas Project #2, my half-gloves (from the Cascade Indulgence mentioned above), or the [CSC]

I also 'convinced' my mom to buy a 'learn to knit' kit for one of my younger cousins for Christmas, after she was admirey both of the Paton scarf i was making *and* discovering that I'd made the Bernat Boa scarf. I do not actually have a huge amount of faith that another one of my family members will take this up, but I am hoping that she might. The last person in my family to do anything like this was my grandmother, and I didn't even know she did it until about a year before she died when I was in high school. My crafting, like my other obsessions like sci-fi/fantasy and roleplaying, seems to be something unique onto me.

[pics] Paton Carmen yarn, hat

So, this is the stuff I was gushing so much about earlier this week, and also wailing about what a bitch this stuff is to rip out.

I managed to finish the hat up in several hours worth of work last night, though, so you get the finished pic of that, at least, before I head out!

Collapse )

In retrospect, I think I would have done the hat in stockinette stitch to take away the extra bumpy feeling of the rib under all the softness, but this worked out okay. My only other regret is that even though I gauge swatched and knitted to what I figured was a medium size (22" circumference), the hat is loose on my head. I'm hoping it will not be too big for my cousin. :P

The agony of defeat

So, I am toodling along, albeit slowly, on the hat I am making for my cousin out of the Paton's Carmen, when I realize something.

I have twisted the stitches, probably back in the join.

I have a Mobius Hat.

And although the mobius scarf is cool, this is not.

This stuff is a PITA to rip out, probably long the lines of mohair. I manage to rip back to the join, when I finally get fed-up and cut it.

Two hours of work, down the tube. Back to having to cast on for it again.

When one path ends, another opens up

Through the work done during DS9 on the Bernat scarf, I have FINISHED that project. YAY. Sadly, although I took pictures, they haven't been uploaded as yet since my webhosting site is down. Patience. As a teaser, I think they're pretty cute. :)

I had one mildly frustrating moment in it, though, as I am happily reaching the end of the last skein of Boa, to remember just as I was starting the bind-off row that the pattern, to balance with the beginning, called me to knit the last four rows. Crap. So I spent way more time than I'd really wanted to carefully picking/ripping my way back four rows so I could then knit to the end.

But, it's done, and that's what's important.

And the other important thing with being done is that it meant I could start working with the Paton's Carmen. MMMMMMMM. So lovely. I forsee three issues working with this stuff:
  1. It's fuzzy, which means it will be slightly more work to see/find the stitches
  2. It's a thick-thin yarn, which I've never worked with before, and has already proven an interesting experience dealing with going from very fat yarn to thread-thin yarn
  3. The stuff feels sooooo nice knitted up, I am catching myself, frequently, not knitting because I am too busy feeling the stuff up. Which sounds perverted, but given that's part of why I am into textile arts, y'all can cope :)
I worked a couple of gauge swatches up last night (I was getting 4 sts/inch in st st on US:9 needles), then converted the Easy Ribbed Hat pattern (.pdf) from worsted to bulky weight yarn based on that. Haven't actually started it yet, but I *can*, as soon as I have time.

Lastly, I won the rest of the Iceland handpainted 100% merino yarn auctions I'd been coveting on eBay, so the rest of you can go check out alyval's stuff.

The additional lewt:
  1. Dark Teal, blue
  2. Lilac, red
  3. Dark Wildflower
Once I have all the yarn (which will probably not be until after Christmas at the earliest), I need to sit down and decide how I will place the colors in the most pleasing fashion. I may recruit my art-major friend, ebonlock, into helping with that.

Brain falling out, send help

There *is* some positive to simple scarf making, and that is it's uniquely suited to turning off one's brain while crafting.

I made several inches of progress on the Bernat Boa scarf this weekend, although I don't know how long it is exactly (at this point), nor do I have pictures. I need to do that.

I also want to take pics of the newest (temporary) addition to my stash. I had about 20 minutes to kill on Saturday and there was a Michael's very near where I was when coming to this decision. So, I went in to Michael's simply to see if there was anything there that called out to me. I helped a very sweet but clueless middle-aged woman decipher a pattern book and a pattern therein for a fuzzy hooded zippered cardigan (I believe) and even bit my tongue when calculating out that she would need at least 10 balls of Lion Brand Fun Fur (at $5 a whack) and that didn't include the Homespun it also called for, and she observed, "That would make an expensive sweater." Yes, ma'am, it would. Welcome to the world of Money and the Handmade sweater.

And then, I picked up the Paton's Carmen, and the stuff got velcroed to my hand (note to aelfsciene: Doom. They do have non-neutral colors after all). I could *not* put it down. The stuff is softer than it has any right to be, being 100% synthetic--it feels like angora. It's probably a good thing that the Michael's didn't have the Wine color, or I would've had to buy it. Instead, I picked up four skeins of Steel on the excuse of making a scarf (and possibly a hat, now that I have realized I probably only need 2.5 skeins to make a scarf) for my near-sister/cousin, Kristina, for Christmas, because I HAD to buy it to work with. Had to. Must. Going to.

Lastly, esmerel pointed me at some eBay crack last week: some user with multiple auctions for 4.1 oz (152 yds) of handpainted, bulky-weight, 100% Iceland merino yarn, which I saw and immediately fell in love with. I decided I Must Buy This Stuff and make a sweater with it.

I hope to dear God that her yardage is correct, because based on that and the yardage info in The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, I should only need at absolute most about 1100 yds of it to make a multi-colored, color-shifting sweater, or about 8-9 skeins. I'm getting 10 skeins (2 skeins each of 5 complementary colorways) to make it with. And I will cry like Nancy Kerrigan if the yardage is completely off and I don't have enough when all the auctions are said and done with.

In pursuit of this goal, though, I successfully bid and won 6 of the 10 skeins of this stuff yesterday.
  1. Green-Gold
  2. Purple-Gold-Green-Soft Blue
  3. Plum-'Teal' (which looks more greyish violet to me)
There will hopefully be a couple more colors between #2 and #3 when actually in the sweater, unless I change my mind and decide to go with a couple more skeins in a different colorway whose auctions are still going on (along with the other two colorways I definitely want).

No one else reading this should find and bid on the stuff this week so I can get the yarn and win it!