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Confessions of a Craft Addict

I can stop anytime. Really.

Tersa crafts!
I decided to split off all my craft nattering from my regular LJ journal, tersa, to this one.

I primarly knit, but also crochet and do cross-stitch; I sometimes dabble in mixing bath salts, crafting melt-and-pour soaps, jewelry making and leatherworking.

I've implemented tags in my journal to track the progress of certain projects or classifications (like gloves or socks). I'm using Memories as both a bookmark for the tagged entries (like, the 'Knit: Socks' Memory topic has a post with the 'knit: socks' tag to access those entries) and also for the useful craft entries I see in other journals or communities that pertain to my crafts.

And one more useful link: Some Basics on Copyrights and Crafts

Sit down, pull up a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and hope you enjoy. :)

Lexicon of frequently used terms

(Note: The Friends page on this account has been set-up to filter out journals also on tersa's friends page. Because I realized that while you grace me with reading my journal, I wanted to return the favor in some kind of elegant and non-duplicative fashion. :)

Groups I've affiliated myself with:

    yarnharlot's Knitting Olympics 2006