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Recent knitting-related items acquired

A few months ago, I had what I considered to be a stroke of genius for esmerel's birthday gift this year. One of those knitting-related things that I thought she'd really like and probably wouldn't just buy for herself, that wasn't yarn (both of which we're trying to cut back on): clear shoes to show off her hand-knitted socks.

However, after discussing it with the Purlescence gals, I was on a mission to find a very specific type of clear shoes: ones that would breathe. The biggest argument against the ones I was previously aware of, the Regia Transparent Boots, is that there was no ventilation, so your feet perspire, moisture accumulates, and soon you're walking around in soggy socks in clammy boots.

One page I found was ShoeBuy.com. Another was NexTag.com. I wound up buying a pair of clogs for her.

A week later, wendyknits posted about her new Skechers Cali Surfers. *facepalm*

I'm sharing this latter one especially because that's the pair I wound up buying (and if I had to do it over again, I probably would've gotten those for Ezzy). I like the fact that they're closed toe and closed heel, and they're remarkably breathable, although I have had a little bit of condensation towards the end of the day. They're still on-sale for only $15/pair with free shipping if you're willing to sign up with their shoe club.

If you're interested. :)

(Although in looking for links, I just found Clear Converse lo-tops. They have the same drawback as the Regia shoes (unvented->hot), but there you go if you think it's your favorite option

Another clear shoe summary page: Zappos.com, which found via this post on knitting earlier this week).

The other thing I picked up was based on an idea I saw someone else implement. I thought it was such a great idea, I copied.

Marking tags with string - For labeling my gauge swatches. Because I have a gauge swatch I did a little over a month ago now, and I can't remember what needle I used to knit it in. Which makes it completely useless now that I'm almost ready to knit the yarn. Write the needle used and what the yarn is and attach it to the swatch, and it's permanently marked.

White key tags for finished items being provided as a gift. The key ring allows you to attach it securely to the item somehow (maybe through a stitch), and the metal-rimmed tag gives you a place to write down fiber content, size (if applicable) and on the back, brief care instructions.

Oh, for the cleverness of knitters.
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