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Zen and the Art of Frogging

There was a time when the thought of having to rip out a sock would reduce me to a state of 'Bored now!' If I had to do a major frog job on a sock, it generally got tossed back into the sock stew that is my stash bin until I could come to terms with losing that many hours of work.

Somewhere in the last four months, I've gone through a conversion. Gone zen. Made my inner peace with sock frogging. Because I haven't knit a sock since the Thraven Lenore sock back in February that I haven't had to rip a significant chunk out of: I had to completely rip out most of a sock with the Blue Parade when I had the wrong gauge; I ripped and re-ripped the heel of the Panda Cotton Socks while I experimented with one I was happy with, in addition to swatching lace patterns for the cuff, on the sock itself, until I settled on one I liked; and I ripped back about half of a finished cuff on the Chocolate Cherry socks until I figured out they actually fit. And I've barely batted an eye in doing so.

I think some of it is attributable to the fact that I'm not just following a pattern any more. I'm going off the beaten path into the realm of customization that requires a certain amount of trial and error, and a willingness to know when to cut my losses and backtrack.

It's not perfect. I have two pairs of 'finished' socks that are patiently waiting on additional work from me--the Blue Parade socks to decide whether or not I can live with the fact that I forgot to put matching increases on the calf of the second sock, and last year's Rockin' Sock Club Knee High to a Grasshopper socks, in which I need to pick out the bind-off and rip back the ribbing to add elastic into the top of the cuff so they'll frakking stay up on my leg.

But I comment on this at all because I wound up ripping back from nearly the heel to toe on my latest pair of socks, a variation of Wendy Johnson's Lucy Socks, because of a random comment someone made at Purlescence on Monday: "Those look bigger than I would expect a sock to look." Well, that was because I figured the STR Lightweight ~= Claudia Fingering in terms of gauge, and it wasn't.


I could've switched to the smaller needles (US: 0 vs. the US: 1's I'd started on) and just kept going, but then the foot of sock #1 would be a different size than sock #2, and I couldn't tolerate that. So, out it came.

Rip. There goes almost a week of work.
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