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Random commentary for a cold December day

I finished up a rather significant chunk of work on Xmas Project #3 this weekend, thanks to UFO Night at commuKNITy, several hours of crafting time and an SVR Christmas tea I attended with shadowhwk, and another Social Knit at commuKNITy. I am so close to completing another major component of it, I can taste it. I have these wild dreams that I might finish it by this weekend, but I think that hope is only going to survive until it encounters home hockey games tomorrow and Thursday night.

Part of the reason I want XP #3 done is so I can have a hope in hell of finishing up the book!Ravenclaw PoA hat/scarf/gloves set before I depart for the wintery wastes of Illinois in just over two weeks. I got to a point in the first glove where I added in the CC 'bronze' stripes, and I think they'll do. I'm ready to do the pinkie finger, and I'm liking it very much so far.

Reason #3 that I'm glad I've learned how to knit my own gloves:
I've discovered through trial-and-error that although I was under the impression most of my adult life that I have 'big hands', I actually don't: by circumference, it seems my hands run somewhere between a women's small and medium; I just have inordinately long fingers. Knitting gloves for myself means I can custom fit the fingers. Go me!

I'm 99.9% of the way done with Xmas Project #1 now. I have about 5 minutes of work left on it, that I really should sit down and do so I can say I'm 100% of the way done. :)

jesshartley posted something on her blog this weekend referring to something called a Magic Scarf. And although I have no desire to knit it for myself, the fact that she is in love with them but refuses to learn the 'complicated process' of creating them piqued my interest and presented me with a challenge. She later posted a link to a pattern for it. I don't actually know if I want to knit one. But it currently fascinates me.

Thanks to a yarn sale at commuKNITy and djinnj's worshipfulness fannedness, I picked up five skeins of Rowan Cashmerino Aran in black to make a scarf inspired by one Remus Lupin wears in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie (pattern here, along with pictures after blocking). I don't know what I'll do with the scarf once it's done, but I like it a lot.

Other acquisitions over the weekend: two sets of 5" DPNs. One set is US:4's, to do the fingers of the Ravenclaw gloves, and the other are US:0's to make HP Bookscarves, because those scarves are so small and skinny that normal 6" needles are way too much for them, too.

Although, now that we've determined the PoA/GoF scarves are ribbed, I may make up my own ribbed pattern for the latter, which would (a) negate the need for DPNs altogether and (b) allow me to sell them at lumos2006 without requiring getting permission from the person who came up with the tube scarf pattern. Things to consider.
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