Tersa crafts! (tersacrafts) wrote,
Tersa crafts!

Look at me, going all MacGyver

I did work on Xmas 2005 Project #1 last night for the first time in a week. Go me.

But, primarily I'm posting to re-visit the problem I reported yesterday with the US:7 circulars I'm using to make the PoA scarf. The Elmer's glue I had at home dried up, but I found some crafting 'Tacky Glue' in my drawer at work yesterday, so I took it home with me. I twist-tied the ends of the circular cord together just below the join sockets, added a drop of glue to the non-pointy ends of each of the bamboo parts, re-inserted the butt-end of the needles into the sockets, put a circular needle point protector on the pointy ends to help stabilize it, then set it out to dry for a couple of hours. The needles seemed firm in the sockets when I packed everything up late in the evening, but for fear that the glue wasn't completely dry yet, I didn't test it out too rigorously. We'll see how I did when I test drive it later this evening.
Tags: knit: equipment, xmas 2005 project #1

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