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June 17th, 2008

04:10 pm - Breaking radio silence with actual content: Socks
First off, if you haven't read it yet, go read Franklin Habit's "A Reminder for All of Us". It really resonated with me, especially today, as I've been feeling very vaguely out of sorts and out of place, but with friends feeling even more like what he describes. It touched me, and I want to share.

That wasn't what I was going to post about, though. I was going to post a 'hellooooo', and I know it's been forever since I posted (four months!) but there hasn't been much to report. I've come to grips recently with the fact that my desire to knit far outstrips my capacity to do so, so although I want to be working on about ten different projects right now, I can feasibly only work on two at a time (although I consider myself at four right now. No one said I was 100% logical).

But! One of the things that had been preventing me from posting was that I'd been dilly-dallying about uploading photos. I don't know why this seems like such an AWESOME CHORE to me, but it usually does (right up until the time I do it. And then I remember that it's not. Then promptly forget again.)

What I have for you today is part one of two of "What I've been up to since last I posted": the Sock Edition.

(Some of this is copy-and-pasted out of my Ravelry notes. Unlike some crafters, I'm not going to expect everyone has a Ravelry account, though. :)



Thraven Toe-Up LenoreCollapse )


Basic Ribbed Toe-up Socks in ParadeCollapse )


Panda Cotton Lace SockCollapse )


Chocolate Cherry Feather & Fan SocksCollapse )

Tomorrow: Everything else I've been working on.

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February 8th, 2008

04:00 pm - Well, I feel stupid now, but at least I'm not alone
My last post which included the rant about how much yarn I had left after the first Lenore sock? Yeah, well, I'm kind of dumb.

Seems that somewhere along the line, Blue Moon started making Lightweight skeins (at the very least) in 4.5 oz. skeins--aka 128 grams, not the "traditional" or expected 100g skein for its size. Everyone at Purlesence expressed surprise at this, too.

If anything, my skein was light, because the finished sock was 50g (50g + 72g=122g).

But, yeah. If I'd known that, I would've been golden to do the full 6" of cuff called for in the pattern. And if it had been a 100g skein, I would've been right in my decision to short-change the cuff.


Anyway. I've decided for my next sock project, I'm going to to Lenore toe-up using a skein of Thraven (teal and black), also from the Socks that Rock 'Raven' series, esmerel gifted me with at Christmas for myself. Combine my knowledge of constructing toe-up socks with the Lenore Lace pattern and the toe-up Jaywalker heel (from the 'published' pattern, not my homebrew), and I should be golden. The only concern I have is that the scallops on the top edge of the cuff may not take well to being reversed, but we'll burn that bridge when we get to it!

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February 4th, 2008

09:38 am - Cuff down socks are beginning to drive me batshit
Let's see why.

There was the pair of socks I made my father, when I ran out of yarn just after the heel turn on sock #2.

Now suitably paranoid, there was the socks I knit myself from Austermann Step (Petrol) where I had about a third of the skein remaining when I was 'done' (and wished, after the fact, I'd knit the cuff longer).

There was the first pair of Jaywalkers, knit from Socks That Rock--Lightweight, where I ran out of yarn 2" from the second two (and used the leftover Austermann Step to finish the sock off).

Now? I finished the first of the 2007 Rocking Sock Club Lenore socks. Having the experience with the Jaywalkers that the STR Lightweight tended to be a little 'short', and knitting US:10 socks, I skipped a repeat on the cuff in order to ensure I had enough yarn left.

After finishing the first sock, I weighed the remaining yarn:


Off a skein that supposedly started at 100g.

There may have been some swearing.

Two things came of this. From here on out:
1) I am always going to weigh my skeins of STR before beginning a project.
2) I am going to try at all costs to do toe-up patterns, or to convert a cuff-down to toe-up if at all possible.


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January 25th, 2008

10:34 am - Personal bookmark, and sharing!
From a link found on wendyknits:

Tutorial on making knitting graph paper with Excel

This is timely for me. I've been sucked into the vortex of quick-and-easy knit projects (read: instant gratification, or as close to it as knitters can get) and knitting out of my stash, by spooling off sets of cabled fingerless mitts out of aran yarn.

First one I did was Slumberland's Warm Braid Cable Wristwarmers, from two strands of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in the Rosehip colorway leftover from my Mountain Colors Elegant Textured Shawl (which I'm not sure I ever posted the picture of):

Warm Braid Cable Wristwarmers PhotosCollapse )

So jazzed up from the quick turnaround (I finished them in a weekend), I launched myself into a series of mitts based on Michelle Szeghalmi's Evangeline, knit from some Rowan Cashshoft Aran I had previously bought for a scarf I'm not going to make now. 8) I've done a set 95% faithful to the original pattern, and two since then changing it up because I didn't quite like how the first (or second) one came out.

But while I was knitting the second set, I started getting ideas of introducing fair isle into the cabling, then creating my own cabling pattern for it, and...well, I may have gone temporarily insane, because it would probably need to be done in fingering weight and would be anything but a quick knit.

Except I knew I needed knit graph paper if I was going to do it. :)

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December 6th, 2007

04:12 pm - I dream of Jeanie
(I wish I could claim the cleverness for the subject line...but that would belong to purls_beyond)

I am in serious, *serious* project crush.


The Winter 2007 Knitty just came out yesterday. Soon as I saw the pictures, I fell. Hard.

I'm not the only one, though. I added it to the Ravelry pattern database yesterday morning. This afternoon:
3 projects, in 816 queues
Baaaa, I say.

Must resist buying yarn...must resist buying yarn...*cries*

Status, otherwiseCollapse )

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October 28th, 2007

06:03 pm - What a little Ravelry will get ya...
Photos. As in, spent a good chunk of the afternoon (in between a minor re-org of the craft stash area) taking photos of my latest yarn acquisitions and WIPs, and getting them uploaded to Flickr and from there, to Ravelry.

Flickr: The Stash

And then the WIPs

Toe-up Jaywalker, Pomatomus, Faroese-Style Shawl, and hey, look, black stockinetteCollapse )

ashcake, if the Toast parts in those photos don't convince you... :)

+3Collapse )

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October 25th, 2007

03:32 pm - This thing still on?
Yep, I guess it is. :)

Just a quick pop in to say I'm still here and I am still knitting. Is anyone surprised there are no photos (yet)? And I came to realize that photos are what make a knit blog. Something to ponder.

Posting to say I've join the herd, and I'm on Ravelry: username is 'alix' (my preferred nom du Net, and surprisingly it was available!)

What I've been working on:
  • I've finished the toe-up Jaywalker socks I mentioned in my post a couple months ago, done in the Claudia Handpainted Sharks colorway (top)

  • I've started a pair of Pomatomus socks in the same yarn. One sock done, and a couple inches in to sock #2.

  • Still occasionally plinking away at the Ribby Shell. It's several inches of black almost-stockinette stitch, even if I took photos, you wouldn't see any changes in it. :)

  • The Mountain Colors Elegant Textured Shawl, in that colorway in fact, although my reds are a lot deeper than the picture. After months of doing socks in fingering weight yarn and 260 stitch rows of DK and let's please not forget lace on what is almost silk thread, I was craving a project that would knit up quickly in big yarns and even bigger needles. I've been lusting after that kit since Purlescence got it in last January, and with a sudden cold snap hitting the area earlier this month, it was time to do it. The pattern is a mindless double-row garter stitch (P-K-K-P) and knits up hella quick.

    More on this later once I finish it, which should be no later than this weekend. :)
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    September 11th, 2007

    08:51 am - Note to self: Scheherazade
    Scheherazade stole & Storyteller Socks

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    August 12th, 2007

    09:27 pm - So, I'm re-inventing the wheel, but...
    seltsame pointed out in comment on my last post that someone had already done a toe-up pattern of the Jaywalker socks.


    However, doing this has engaged my stubborn streak. I went back to the drawing board this morning, and based on the original, flawed interpretation of the toe-up heel, my gauge, and what I knew it needed to do/what the heel should look like, I came up with a second version which added a helluva lot more rows on the heel turn (18 compared to 8) and consequently also picking up stitches in the heel flap (32 rows vs. 16).

    But according to the measurements taken having just re-started the calf, is dead-on: a foot of 9.75", and a heel flap of 2.75".

    Victory is mine!

    lynthia, you may want to print out the other pattern, though. It'll probably be easier, but we can check that next week. :)

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    August 11th, 2007

    10:13 pm - Mini-rant on designing
    I'm in the process of converting Grumperina's Jaywalker pattern to a toe-up design. I'm trying to fold together Wendy's short row toe with the Jaywalker patterning and the toe-up gusset and heel flap of the second RSC 2007 socks.

    It's been fun knitting along and discovering places where I could improve or fix the next time, and cheerfully fixing or making notes to fix later.

    Except today, I finished turning the heel...and it is so not working. The heel doesn't seem like it's turned sharply enough, and the heel flap is only 1.25" long.

    I'm going to have to tink back just about everything I finished today and start over. But not before checking Wendy's new toe-up pattern, which supposedly includes a version of the gusset heel which she may have converted to her fingerling weight (8 sts/in) gauge, which would likely make it work for this.

    *sigh* I enjoy this though, right?

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