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Walking the earth, just like Caine (*) - Confessions of a Craft Addict

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June 4th, 2009

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09:15 am - Walking the earth, just like Caine (*)

The "Shaped Triangle Shawl" by Katie Nagorney and Ann Swanson, from A Gathering of Lace,
knit in 100% silk laceweight handdyed by Fiber Fiend in the 'Mother Earth' colorway. Ravelry link

Back in February, I was sent to India for three weeks by my employers, working U.S. hours. It meant spending a lot of time on weekends being up at 3am with only my laptop, knitting, and the sound of the Bay of Bengal rumbling against the beach near the cottage I was staying in.

I had wanted a new project to take with me. One that would pack small, be complicated enough to engage me, and be unlikely to be completed during the three weeks, although with the possibility it might if I was really dedicated to it. I had several sock projects to switch to if I wanted something less thinky or fiddly. Lace seemed to fit the bill.

I hadn't wanted to use laceweight yarn. I'd wanted something slightly larger, fingering, or maybe even sportweight, but nothing available at the Shop really called to me, until I remembered the Handmaiden Sea Silk in my stash. Digging in the bin of laceweight yarns, I stumbled on the Mother Earth--and love was re-born.

I have this thing for laceweight silk yarn. I can't help myself.

purls_beyond and kiyowara_miyuki suggested the pattern, one Nathania had done before: simple enough that the pattern can be memorized and won't be lost in the variegation of the dyed yarn, complex enough to require a measure of attention.

During my stay, the shawl captivated me, the work growing and growing in leaps and bounds, even after a major mistake and tinking back 10-12 rows to correct it, after realizing one of the charts was heavily flawed and having to dig out the errata--thank goodness for in-room wireless Internet, even in India.

Then I returned home and progress...stilled. Or came to a screeching halt, if you're me.

Until about a month ago. I love having multiple projects on the needles, but didn't love the feeling of imbalance on getting them completed. New projects always, always spring up and demand my attention, causing some projects--like laceweight silk shawls--to be pushed aside to the point of languishment. Or not being finished.

I devised a system for myself to address that. Came to terms with it. Went zen. It means that few of my projects are finished with any kind of alacrity, but that they should get finished.

For this one, it means working on it one night a week, Wednesdays, the night of long standing tradition when a few of my friends and I gather to watch movies or TV from DVDs. One night a week where I am all but guaranteed to have several hours for knitting, when I will be at home where it is easier to work on it.

So for the last month, the shawl has grown. Slowly, quietly, one pattern row at a time. Nine rows for the rest of the body, it will likely take me the summer to do that. Then the edging, applied.

But there's no rush. At least this way, it's getting closer.

(*) - I read this morning that actor David Carridine was found dead today, and now "Kung Fu" is stuck in my head. No irreverence is intended.

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